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It is recommended that you save your game in case using these cheats leads to some undesirable effect.  We are not responsible for any damage these cheats may inadvertently cause to your game or PC.  Thank you and enjoy!!!

To enter a cheat code:  Press Esc to release any tool (for example, the demolition tool) you may have been using, then Press CTRL + X, and type the code in the window that appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Code (capitalization unimportant)

    Description / more info

WeaknessPays Gives you more money - 1000 simoleons!
You don't deserve it Unlocks all rewards
FightThePower No more power requirements
HowDryIAm No more water requirements
WhereRUFrom x Changes the name of your city to x (replace x with name)
HelloMyNameIs x Change your (mayor's) name to x (replace x with name)
WhatTimeIzIt # Sets daytime to the # you specify
SizeOf # Zoom to #
Stopwatch Toggle clock
TastyZots Toggle Cell Warnings ???
Recorder Start the Recorder ???

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