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The ZealGames' Ratings of SC4

The below table shows each aspect of SimCity 4 and its associated Zeal Factor.  Five stars would be the highest possible rating.  One star, the lowest rating.

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  Game Aspect   Our Zeal Factor (out of 5)
  Overall Rating StarHalf.jpg (5007 bytes)
Graphics, Building Design
New Visual Effects
Addiction factor (how long before you are bored)
Originality (as compared to previous versions of SimCity) StarHalf.jpg (5007 bytes)
Region Play (cooperative city play) StarHalf.jpg (5007 bytes)
Music/Sound StarHalf.jpg (5007 bytes)
Sims Incorporation
Performance on a "Recommended" PC (see home page) StarHalf.jpg (5007 bytes)

Overall, SimCity 4 is a very good game.  The graphics are stunning, but sometimes a little too much for an average computer.  God Mode is very entertaining (you'll have a great time sculpting terrains, but Mayor Mode really is the fun part, though it hasn't changed much since SimCity 3000.  The new visual effects are amazing to watch, but some of the music was, well, different If you have the Sims, you'll definitely enjoy moving them into a new city!  All things considered, SimCity 4 is well worth the $50 price!

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