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SimCity 4SimCity 4

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Welcome to the home of ZealGames - SimCity 4 - the latest city simulator from EA!!!   We'll soon have all the info you need right here - including tips, tricks, and cheats.  Why not take the poll and leave a comment on the new SC4!!!


  ZealGames - SC4 News:

Click for more screenshots!
(Click for more screenshots!)

- NEW! - We have moved again - update favorites!  We're now located at  We're somewhat happy to report that it was due to excessive bandwidth consumption - that means that alot of people visit us - about 400/day!

- NEW! - View our initial ratings of the game!

- NEW! - Check out the brand NEW cheats page!!!

- NEW! - Got AIM?  CHAT w/ SimCity FANS!

- Why not make your voice heard by scrolling down the page and typing a comment about Simcity 4 - it might even make it to the top 5 list!


  SC4's New Features:

- Your customizable Sims talk to you about what’s going on in their lives in the "My Sims" section.

- Very detailed cities allow you to work with individual buildings and sections of town so you can focus your attention on certain areas such as traffic patterns.

- Import your Sims from the game, "The Sims" into SC4, even unleashed pets - you can make them permanent residents!

- Buildings look much more real and respond to certain changes.  Buildings can get dirty if abandoned, and last longer than in SimCity 3000 and before – buildings then could flash between abandonment and occupation.  New lighting effects and subtle colorations give buildings an incredible realism, much improved since the buildings of SimCity 2000 and 3000!

- New and improved tools for shaping the intensely-realistic terrain have been added and environmental effects such as fog and night-time enhance realism

- Now you can control multiple cities at once!  FEEL THE POWER!

- Unlock hidden reward buildings as you play!  The better you do, the more you will earn!

- SimCity 4 will be fully expansion-pack can add new buildings and who knows what all else!

- New and improved disasters let you not only build a city, but destroy it as well!

  Features Section:

Night Life Night Life!

Wow, awesome night effects! The detail is amazing - it just glows! Click the image for closer view of things!

- What sort of other disasters do you think SC4 will include?   Scroll down the page and leave a comment!

  SC4's [HEAVY] System Requirements

- Windows XP/Me/2000/98 (NT, 95 not supported)
- 500 Mhz CPU (Intel III or AMD)
- 128 MB RAM
- 1 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
- 16 MB video card w/ DirectX 7.0 compatible driver

- 1 Ghz or faster CPU (Intel III or AMD)
- 256 MB or more RAM
- 32 MB or greater video card, Direct3D supported

  Top 5 Visitor Comments

Here's your top five comments about new SimCity 4! (You may add comments below - if they're good they'll make it to this list!!!)

1. NEW! Holy Simololeans! I am addicted to YET another Sims world, Is it Real? Or is it SIMulated!

2. NEW! OK. 2 words: GIVE ME!



5. WOOT!! it came out on my birthday! (and I got it on it too!)

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SimCity 4 Countdown

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SimCity 4 IS HERE!!!

Previous Results:
"What will you love most about SC4?"

  14% - 3D Graphics

  6% - Reactive Buildings

  7% - Meeting your Sims

  46% - Improved Realism

  27% - I need to play it!

(128 Total Votes)

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